The Van Wagner Group Announces Enhanced Coverage for Behavioral Health Management with Great American Insurance Group

The Van Wagner Group, a division of SterlingRisk, is proud to announce their association with Great American Insurance Group’s Specialty Human Services. Through this relationship, Van Wagner is pleased to offer a new enhanced coverage solution for the addiction treatment and counseling field.

Coverage benefits include professional liability, which features a broad definition of professional services, as well as coverage for those with “specialized knowledge,” and not just degreed professionals. Great American also offers abuse or molestation coverage that addresses sexual, physical and emotional abuse, including bullying. For more information about the enhanced coverage, please view the informational brochure.

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Coverage description is summarized. Refer to the actual policy for a full description of applicable terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. Policies are underwritten by Great American Insurance Company, Great American Assurance Company, Great American Alliance Insurance Company and Great American Insurance Company of New York, which are authorized insurers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and Great American Spirit Insurance Company, an authorized insurer in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, except for New Hampshire. Great American® and Great American Insurance Group® are registered service marks of Great American Insurance Company. Great American Insurance Group, 301 E. Fourth Street, Cincinnati Ohio 45202.

Program Highlights

Get an Instant Quote Now Individual Professional Liability Covers professional services up to $1 million per incident, with a $3 million annual aggregate*. The policy is based on an Occurrence Form. This means that you are insured for life, even if you change employers, professions, or stop working, as long as the covered incidents occur while the policy is in effect.
*Can be extended up to $2 million per incident, $4 million aggregate if required by contract.
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  • Professional Liability (Malpractice): Up to $1 million per incident, with a $3 million annual aggregate.* The policy is based on an occurrence form. This means that you are insured for life, even if you change employers, switch professions or stop working, as long as the covered incidents occur while the policy is in effect.
  • General Liability (Negligence): Up to $1 million per incident, with a $3 million annual aggregate for bodily injury or property damage, which occurred while you were rendering professional services.*
  • Defendant’s Reimbursements: Up to $500 per day or $10,000 per lawsuit for time and expenses associated with your attendance at a trial or arbitration hearing. The suit or proceedings must result from an injury covered by the policy. Includes defense costs for sex abuse up to $100,000.
  • Licensing Board Investigations: Up to $5,000 per incident, with a $10,000 yearly aggregate for civil investigations and/or licensing board disciplinary proceedings arising from the rendering of professional services.
  • Defense Costs: Includes legal fees and court costs involving claims or allegations covered by the policy, which will be paid on your behalf at no additional cost. Legal fees and defense costs involving claims alleging undue familiarity with patients may be subject to a maximum $100,000 defense cap. The policy does not cover judgments or amounts paid in settlement of such undue familiarity claims.
  • Medical Expenses: Up to $2,000 per person, with a $100,000 aggregate for three years after the accident, for necessary medical expenses caused by bodily injury, which occurred while you were providing professional services.
  • First Aid: Up to $2,500 aggregate of incurred expenses for first aid to others for an injury covered by the policy. The first aid must be given within 48 hours of the injury.
  • Damage to Property of Others: Up to $500 per occurrence, with a $5,000 aggregate for damage you cause to others’ property while it is in your care.
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We then send the full claim information to the insurance company and a claims adjuster is assigned.  The claims adjuster will work closely with our client to determine the full extent of the claim and offer a solution to ensure the best possible outcome for our client.

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The Van Wagner Legacy

Thomas Van Wagner

Thomas Van Wagner, founder of the Van Wagner Group, always had strong ties to the addiction treatment field. He was in recovery starting in 1968 and was an advocate to the field in many ways. He was a founder of the Friends of Long Island Council on Alcoholism; he has also served as president of the New York State Council on Alcoholism and was a board member of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. He continued to organize and participate in many fund raising activities for the field until his retirement in 2004.

Tom's insurance background began in lower Manhattan. He is proud that he was able to combine his vocation and avocation into an agency that helps people who are in the business of helping others.

Although Tom is retired and is no longer working with The Van Wagner Group, he leaves the Professional Liability insurance program he helped to create and refine for over 20 years as his legacy.  The program provides comprehensive professional liability insurance to individual drug and alcohol counselors at an affordable cost.

The Van Wagner Group was acquired by SterlingRisk in 2004. SterlingRisk is a top national insurance brokerage that has helped The Van Wagner Group expand its ability to serve the needs of the addiction treatment industry.  For more information on SterlingRisk, please visit their website: